Jagruti offers the following courses at the Undergraduate and the Post Graduate levels.

Undergraduate Courses (3 years with E.M)


Faculty of Science B.Sc. : Faculty of Commerce: Post Graduate Courses (EM):
  1. Maths, Physics and Computer Science
  2. Maths, Physics and Computer Applications
  3. Maths, Statistics and Computer Science
  4. Maths, Electronics and Computer Science
  5. Maths, Electronics and Computer Applications
  6. Maths, Physics and Chemistry.
  1. B.Com.
  2. B.Com. [Computers]
  3. B.Com. [Computer Application]
  4. B.Com. [Hons]
  1. M.Sc. [Computer Science]
  2. M.Sc. [Mathematics]
  3. M.Sc. [Electronics)



Faculty of Management Science :

  1. BBA