Fee Structure



Courses offered and Fees (Per Year)
Faculty of Science B.Sc.

1. Maths, Physics & Computer Science (M.P.Cs)
2. Maths, Physics & Computer Applications (MP.C.A)
3. Maths, Statistics & Computer Science (M.S.Cs)
4. Maths, Electronics & Computer Science (M.E.Cs)
5. Maths, Electronics & Computer Applications (M.E.C.A)
6. Maths, Physics & Chemistry (M.P.C)

Faculty of Commerce B.Com.

1. B.Com (General)
2. B.Com (Computers)
3. B.Com (Computer Applications)
4. B.Com (Hons) - OU Counseling Fee

Note: Fees may be paid in two installments with prior permission.


PG Courses (2 years with E/M)

1. M.Sc (Computer Science) OU Counseling Fee
2. M.Sc (Mathematics) OU Counseling Fee
3. M.Sc (Electronics) OU Counseling Fee