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We at Jagruti believe that to be successful in the workplace students must have practical experience, because no amount of books and theories can truly prepare them for the kinds of challenges and surprises they will face on the job or in the laboratory.

The college is committed to giving its students the practical experience they need to succeed. Each department ensures that its students graduate with the valuable teamwork skills and realistic understanding of concepts necessary to make an immediate and significant impact in the workplace. The laboratories at Jagruti are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

Computer Laboratories
JAGRUTl's nine Computer Laboratories each in a spacious carpet area of 1000 sft., house altogether 300 computers powered by Intel Pentium IV with DVD cover, Microprocessors together with the associated power connections, individual seating arrangements, printers and with UPS backup.

Necessary latest software programmes have been installed in all the computers to enable the students carryout practice the theory they learn in the classrooms.

Physics Laboratories
Jagruti has four Physics Laboratories housed separately - the Mechanics, the Optics (with dark room) and the Electrical & Electronics laboratories.

Each Laboratory is equipped with the requisite apparatus and advanced measuring instruments to conduct experiments. Five sets of apparatus and measuring instruments have been allotted for each experiment. Relevant explanatory visual aids such as charts and transparencies are also provided.

Electronics Laboratories
Jagruti has set up four spacious Electronics Laboratories, each one adequately equipped with dual trace 20 MHz general purpose Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes [CRO Phillips 1050-01. Function Generators and Regulated Power Supplies. Fifteen 8085/8086 Microprocessor kits together with accessories like OAC, AOC converters, stepper motors and signal generators for interfacing experiments are available.

Five sets of circuit layout boards with plug-in patch cord connectability have been made available to the students for each experiment.

Hardware Laboratory
This includes 7 Dual Channel 20 Mhz. Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, Precision Regulated Power Supplies, Function Generators, 8085/8086 Microprocessor Kits to enable the construction and testing of both Analog and Digital Circuits. A Microwave bench is available for High Frequency distributed analysis of antennas, wave guides etc.

Software Laboratory
Mathematical Software packages like MatLab rVer 6.51. Multisim rVer 7.0] enable the design, synthesis and simulation of ANALOG & Digital Circuits and systems in the LF, RF and HF domains. Control Systems Analysis isalso facilitated by these packages.

Chemistry Laboratories
Jagruti has 3 [three] fully equipped Chemistry Laboratories in Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry. Sensitive balances of both the conventional physical type and the modern Electronic type capable of measuring +/- 1 microgram have been installed for precision gravimetric analysis. The necessary infrastructure like good water supply, waste water drainage, forced ducted ventilation and fume cupboards to ensure safety in the conduct of experiments has also been provided.