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The college library plays a central role in helping Jagruti College achieve its mission of providing students a quality education. Beyond its immediate responsibility to provide the information services and resources that support the courses of study offered at the college, the library has the broader mission of fostering in our students the importance and necessity of lifelong learning.

To support this mission, the library and its staff are committed to the following objectives:

  • Organize and maintain a collection of the highest quality information resources, whether print or electronic.

  • Promote information literacy and the efficient use of information resources by providing group and individual library instruction that stresses critical and evaluative skills.

  • Maintain a physical environment that encourages study

  • Provide access to and facilitate the retrieval of information resources

Jagruti has spacious Library-cum-Reading rooms one each located in the Administrative building and the P.G building. Each student is permitted to borrow two text books and reference books in all the different subjects of instruction.

The college also subscribes for international and national journals, periodicals and newspapers for the students and faculty members at the college library.

It is our goal at the Libraries to provide excellent service to students and faculty that will advance each user�s learning, teaching, and research experience and we strive to support library users.