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Faculty of Commerce (B.SC)

  • M.S.Ds (Maths, Statistics and Data Science)
  • M.S.Cs (Maths, Statistics and Computer Science)
  • M.P.Cs (Maths, Physics and Computer Science)
  • M.E.Cs (Maths, Electronics and Computer Science)

Faculty of Commerce

  • B.Com (General)
  • B.Com (Computer Application)

Faculty of Management

  • B.B.A (Bachelor of Business Administration)


Post Graduate Courses

  • M.Sc (Computer Science)
  • M.Sc (Mathematics)
  • M.Sc (Electronics)

Faculty of Management

  • M.B.A (Master of Business Administration)
  • Monday to Saturday(9am to 6pm)
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Jagruti Degree and P.G College is the best degree colleges in Hyderabad, offering a range of courses for students of all levels. Established in 1993 and affiliated to Osmania University, this co-educational college provides the highest quality education, with competent faculty and excellent facilities. Join us one of the best degree colleges in Hyderabad.

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Want to get a higher degree in Hyderabad?, but you're unsure which college to choose from, then this guide is for you. We'll go over the best degree colleges in Hyderabad so you can make an informed decision Heed on your educational journey.